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Dropping a few scribbles here.

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Omg I just come to the art forum for these soooo good

Apr 28, 16 at 5:46pm

@Sunflower Awwww. ^___^ That makes me smile. Thanks, himawari!

This was originally meant to be just a scribble, but I got told to, uh, finish it. I'm amused because the style differed from the original draft. Hahahaha.


<3 number one fan on MO

Apr 29, 16 at 10:33am

-manry blushing intensifies-

May 02, 16 at 10:36am

Mascot drawn for the organizers in charge of our city's game events. Originally, I drew him badass-style. They suggested I go for the childlike version to appeal to the younger players (Smash Bros tourney). So... cute bunny boy it is. -shot-

May 21, 16 at 9:56am

It's been a while, you guys! >_< Kise dropping by to, well, drop scribbles. The one above is just a dummy banner, haha. The one below was made for the Smash Bros local tourney tomorrow.

ExiledXPajamas commented on Dropping a few scribbles here.
May 30, 16 at 4:08pm

Really nice shading & quality on your manga work. When I read a manga I often think of how much work & time the artist' must have put into the really deep drawings. Know that your work is appreciated & envied! Lol

May 30, 16 at 10:55pm

Scribbles? Bruh you're yanking my chain. Those are better than most of the art in the tutorial books at Barnes & Noble.

Sep 15, 16 at 4:27pm

There's so much new art I would like to share, but it's going to choke the whole thread. XD Hahaha. I'll do this bit by bit. Does anyone recognize this dude? It's a mobile game a lot of people on my FB feed have been going crazy over. Including me.


Amazing art as usual Kiseki :D
and hey! welcome back :3

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