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Dropping a few scribbles here.

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Jan 10, 16 at 10:27am

Aiyaaaa. I haven't posted in eternity! >_< Been troubled with some commissions, and it took a while before I kicked off my art for the new year! How's everyone?

Jan 12, 16 at 6:37pm

Dropping a Draw This Again! here. I am so done with version 2014. That chin and jaw distortion. -dies- XD

Jan 14, 16 at 10:42pm

I would love to see at lease my characters drawn by you :D

Feb 12, 16 at 9:13am

Scribble, scribble. It's been a while! >___<

Feb 14, 16 at 11:45pm

Because the art submission for this roleplay group I'm in didn't say I can't show it in manga. XDDDD /Reading direction right-to-left!/

Feb 22, 16 at 12:32am

WIP. >____< Attempting full-color webcomics. I've been saving some heavier concepts for a time like this. Hahaha. -goes back to lurking-


Omg ur making a manga?

Feb 23, 16 at 8:35am

wonderful art...

mazokuu commented on Dropping a few scribbles here.
Mar 19, 16 at 8:16pm

Maaan, your work is inspiring! Do you upload to art sites, or keep a gallery of your work anywhere in particular? I'd love to see more!

Apr 21, 16 at 1:14am

@mazokuu I do, but recently, it's only been my FB page that's active. My DevArt's practically dead. Hahaha.

Something I'm trying to finish. April's already in. I'm way behind schedule with my planned webcomics.

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