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Dropping a few scribbles here.

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Sep 20, 16 at 12:41pm

I'll be posting small bits of news about a Webtoon I'm being commissioned to do. Still at the character concept phase, but hooray for no NDAs! I'm free to share these unofficial artworks before that unless decided otherwise by the author.

* Done with black ballpoint and 2B-lead mechanical pencil (live streaming on FB earlier).


Awesome work Kiseki!
Will you keep us posted on the webtoon?

Sep 20, 16 at 1:08pm

@Edge_Lord_Essan Of course! ^_^

Sep 25, 16 at 5:06pm

Updating character concepts for current project again!

* Black ballpoint and 2B-lead mechanical pencil. Was streaming last night again. :)

I made a mistake while inking, (pen sliiiip!) so now she has an extra finger, hahahahahahaha.

Oct 05, 16 at 1:52pm

New sketch done just a few hours ago~!

Oct 11, 16 at 4:46pm

Uploading my Inktober progress has been rather slow here. Here're the next few days!

While I drew the ones before this on scratch paper, these two were drawn on a clean sketchpad. I'm trying not to half-ass. Hahaha. >____<


I never get tired of seeing your artwork, keep it up! :D


Wow this is awesome!!!

alaska commented on Dropping a few scribbles here.
Oct 12, 16 at 4:30am

Your art is so beautiful, Keiseki! >w<

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