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Dropping a few scribbles here.

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Oct 12, 15 at 3:12pm

Your art work makes me wanna die ;u; cuase you soo pro *eternally kries inside*

Oct 13, 15 at 4:53pm

@soulxiii traditionally or digitally? for trad, I can only say practice. drawing with fineliners or drawing pens is a good start, before dealin with dip pens/nibs. digitally, there is the stabilizer. :) but sometimes, how you draw in trad carries over to your digital art.

@arc I don't, unfortunately. I do stream on a rare occasion though. ^^

@flightless I'm doing what I can. Fighting! ^^

Finished this for 6th Day. (A drawing every 2 days on Inktober).

Oct 15, 15 at 6:50am

Update. I will not be responsible for blood loss tonight. :) Bite me.

I'll answer questions about manga/anime/art in general as best as I can. Feel free to drop a holler! Don't worry. I don't bite. Honest. Hahahaha.


Wow, amazing work Keiseki ^^
looking forward to more of your artwork

Oct 16, 15 at 10:21am

Seventh interval for Inktober. Haha. I can hear the markers crying already. Good... uh.... morning?

Oct 18, 15 at 11:28am

The composition of those manga panels looks great. Is that an original work or based off something?

Oct 19, 15 at 10:11am

@michaelw it follows a written script. the artistic render was left up to me. i can make changes when i have to ^^

8th and 9th Inktober Interval. A style comparison of one character. Do you recognize him?

Nov 02, 15 at 9:55pm

It's been while! This is a WIP - scribbled this out on SAI last night. I'll try to finish it soon. :)


I can not wait to see more, ur art is soo cool

Nov 03, 15 at 12:11pm

This is all so amazing! If you ever run out of ideas on what to draw, maybe you can draw visual representations of us on this site!

I look forward to seeing more ^_^

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