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Dropping a few scribbles here.

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Sep 30, 15 at 7:23pm

Wow cool ^^

Oct 04, 15 at 11:47am

I really do enjoy your art! :D Would love to get some pointers to improve my own, if you're available to do so!

Oct 04, 15 at 8:24pm

@RedWorld I'll try to answer questions. ^^; I'm not all that pro, but I'll do my best to help.

I haven't gotten over the high from Cosmania (weekend cons rock). I regret not towing along a bunch of calling cards for artists and cosplayers alike (since I cosplayed on Day 1, and shifted to art mode on Day 2). Next year, for sure! Here's a scribble I did for someone.

Also.. is anyone doing the Inktober challenge?

Oct 04, 15 at 9:01pm

The art looks awesome, can't wait to see more! And what's inktober challenge? Lol - sounds like a tattoo convention or something crazy like that.

cielle commented on Dropping a few scribbles here.
Oct 04, 15 at 9:18pm

Oh man, I wanna do Inktober but I gotta work on prints for an upcoming artist alley >.<
Seeing everyone else do Inktober on twitter got me goin' thirsty lol orz

Oct 07, 15 at 8:17pm

@cielle go do! an artist alley. I'm preparing for that next year. ^^; it's going to be hectic, but it sounds like a lot of fun.

So the theme for my Inktober is 'Fan Art'. Here's another one. I'm a bit late starting this up, since con ended on the 4th. This is IB Day 3.

Oct 11, 15 at 10:32pm

Something being worked on.. erm.. I can't see its size from here,but I'll adjust this when I get off work. Hahaha.

Oct 12, 15 at 11:46am

oh wow i love your artwork!!! do you have any tips for like dealing with shaky ink lines?

Oct 12, 15 at 1:49pm

I love working in sai paint tools too! You're art is amazing. Do you have a video upload I can look at to see how you pace things out? I'm sure I'm really inefficient in my art.

Oct 12, 15 at 1:56pm

@keiseki I love your art it looks really professional and well done :3 keep working hard at it ^_^ ull be famous one day

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