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Dropping a few scribbles here.

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Aug 22, 15 at 7:49am

@TySenpai I used to dream being an animator. But, in a realistic sense, it's hardly good for the kind of health I have. ^^; I'm quite happy being a commissioned artist. Occasionally, I do take PV animation requests though.. as long as they don't fall on the same deadlines I have. -shot-

This one did, though. My writer scheduled the publication date by the start of September, and it so happens that I have to finish this one, by then, too. OTL

Vovo commented on Dropping a few scribbles here.
Sep 14, 15 at 8:04am

Holy fudge, you got some sweet ass talent my friend, you are definitely going places

Sep 14, 15 at 9:54pm

@Vollmacht Thank you very much! There's still room for improvement! ^^


Whoa; super nice! I especially like your traditional style in the manga, though the digital is good too!

Please let us know when it's out!

Sep 19, 15 at 7:08pm

Beautiful use of colours! It really brings liveliness to your drawings (:

Sep 22, 15 at 4:09pm

Wow I love your drawings.
Your very talented

Sep 23, 15 at 1:07am

Wow :3 Im more into traditional. Your good!!!! Teach me in inking XD I like to have my own manga too someday.

thanqouil commented on Dropping a few scribbles here.
Sep 30, 15 at 1:37am

@Keiseki, how did the launch go? I've been swamped at works so haven't had much time...

Sep 30, 15 at 7:11pm

@thanqouil we backed up a bit. Mr. Writer and I each had Life priorities. XD Still our manga will be up soon enough. (He's got cons to deal with, as do I. ^^)

For now, here's a little sketch.


OMG I love ur art

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