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ITT: We discuss ghostly stuffs

Apr 18, 11 at 12:11pm

Well, to be more precise, we discuss experiences related to the paranormal, general beliefs, or anything else that fits under /x/ material. As I have none to speak of, I'm curious about what others might have to say.

Apr 18, 11 at 1:40pm

I live right near the La Purisima Mission and that is suppose to be one of the top 10 most haunted places in the U.S. Heck one of the translations for my towns name is "The Gate". I've always wanted to check out the mission but I can never find any one to got with me, and God knows I am not going alone. I take that stuff very seriously

May 27, 11 at 11:43am

i had three meeting with a ghost there was when i was making a video one day and my camera picked up a shadow then when i recorded at the same spot and nothing appeared again. The second one was in my dream when i was in a room full of darkness and out of no where a shadow me showed up then i tried to talk with it then it pulled a knife and cut me then when i woke up i was bleeding like hell. Then the last one is another dream in which a shadow appeared in my room and i tried to yell for help from my family but i felt nothing came out my mouth then it stated to suck my life energy out of my body then when i woke up i felt sick.

Nov 08, 18 at 1:37pm

walking in the open dining room (open because we were renting and had 0 dining room furniture at the time) and i heard a voice say "hey"

it wasnt from the tv or vent as i heard it right into my ear

also had light switches turn back on, BUT i may have not just flipped it down properly

my sister also had a spooky experience in that house, and iv had other experiences so yeah just kinda spooks in general

Nov 08, 18 at 2:03pm

@Marioboy: Are you sure that's a ghost? The other two encounters sound more like you were the victim of psychic assault. Like from a psychic vampire or pissed off nature spirit. (Thankfully, doesn't sound demonic in nature.)

Edit: Oh jeeze, just realized how old this thread was. Thanks, Lamby, you necromancer. XD

Nov 08, 18 at 3:35pm

*puts necronomicon back into backpack* dont think we've had a thread like this before, so it was needed

Nov 08, 18 at 5:38pm

There actually have been like two or three in the past few months. I know because I'm drawn to them like moths to their illuminated fiery deaths.

But okay. Your unofficial MO paranormal expert and psionic practitioner is on the scene. (As usual, take it with a grain of salt, its the internet.) Got any more experiences to share?

Nov 08, 18 at 5:51pm

This is a wonderful thread, that should be alive and full. I've had paranormal experiences since early childhood, that has impacted me in who I am today.

Some of my experiences:

Sleep Paralysis
Astral Projection
Shadow Figures
Physical objects being tossed
Missing Time

This list goes on.

Nov 08, 18 at 6:10pm

Not a bad. The only thing on that list I haven't really experienced very much is missing time.

Although truth be told, my experiences with sleep paralysis lead me to believe they aren't supernatural. Not saying that while in that state, you can't be affected by anything. But I remember being kinda between sleep and awake, suddenly I hear a loud cracking noise. I couldn't move, and I kept hearing an alarming voice in the back of my mind all like "She's here! Get out! She's gonna get you!" while this loud vibrating noise fills the room.

And here I am, like scrappy doo, struggling against the paralysis by turning my head, because I'm all like "Alright, let me at the bitch! Bring it on!" I flare up my aura for battle, have a bloodlust grin on my face, and as I manage to get my head facing the right direction... Nothing. The room was empty, I didn't sense any spiritual presence, I could move again. It was a total let down. Turns out it was just me getting used to a new house.

What was/were yours like?

Nov 08, 18 at 6:15pm

iv had sleep paralysis a lot in middle school/high school and i think it was stress induced, not anything paranormal

iv never had that "dark monster" people talk about, mostly just no dreaming at all and i cant move my body and/or its painful when i try to move it

once had a dream that it was myself holding me down, and one where my sister was laughing at me being unable to move, but those were one time occurrences

from my experiences i cant say anything paranormal happens, simply mental

idk if we count cryptids, but im pretty sure the hose we use to own also had house gnomes

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