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Hiiii everyone from around the world!

Sup guys, I am pyro, nice to meet you guys. I am not new but i never introduced myself so heres my intro. I would love to talk to fellow otakus ^w^ So heyyy~
Hi! well I would love to talk to you! :3
Hello~! :)
What's going on hope to chat soon
Nov 21, 13 at 9:09am
Sup broskies!! What's new with you??
Heylo, so are you a pyromaniac or just enjoy the cool colors of a dancing flame like I do? Wow that kind of sounded gay for reals. Odd question too. xD
Konnichi wa! :D Onamae wa Kenshinjmc desu. Doozo Yoroshiku!
Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy your stay. Ahaha, nice to meet you. c: It's okay, not everyone introduces themselves at the beginning. c: <br></br> Just thought I'd let you know that we have an unofficial chatroom on Tinychat up. If you're interested, come <a href="http://tinychat.com/maiotaku"> join us here</a>. We're all friendly. \(*0*)/ Most of us are on around at night. (P.S.It's an 18+ chatroom for people who 18 years or older <b>only</b> due to Tinychat rules.) Thank you for understanding! :3
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