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Last online almost 3 years ago
Hello everyone~
I honestly don't know what to say to introduce myself but I will do my best.
Am a french guy but well aside of french itself I can speak fluently English so no worries for that part. I like not only Manga and Anime but also VN and LN. For my tastes I like many different kind but if I have to say I generally prefer the all rounder ones (idk if that's right but I call them like that). Shonen with Romance and Comedy in it. Even so I especially like the ones with the most deep emotions in them. The ones that can makes you cry badly and right after laugh badly. (If I have to name one then yeah Clannad for example or many others of the Key Studio) The kind that mess you up inside by watching them let's say xD

Anyway thank you for reading my little "introduction novel" and if anyone want to talk am here!

(Edit: I watched just way too many Anime sooooo, plz don't mind me to be lazy and let them rated all on 10)