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23 year old Male
Last online 4 months ago
Well im not exactly good at making these. ASD OCD,
I'm usually shy when I meet someone and after some time Im more out going. I can be awkward at first but I'm always trying to do things in good intentions along with being caring and trying to be funny to help I'd I'm able.

My favorite anime growing up was Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. I didn't see others till I got older, around my teens. I do have a list of current favorites
(Yes im going to use English titles XP)
Future Diary
Kill La Kill
Date a Live
No Game No Life
High-school DxD
Love Tyrant
When They Cry (Higurashi)

And more. My ratings should show the order they go in.

I do need to mention I am here to find friends and a Girlfriend/Waifu Xp. Someone that is similar or like me. I guess meaning being able to do anything together and enjoy what we do.gaming and anime bring 2. All I really need from a girlfriend would be loyalty honesty and is very passionate.

Anyway I do talk about anime alot, from video games to things turned into anime girls. After i watch popular anime, I read and watch yandere anime and Manga. As for my gaming I enjoy Nintendo and PlayStation games. Genres are,RPG,JRPG,Action,Shooters,Platformers and HacknSlash. If you do have questions do ask and talk to me about it. Lastly I do cosplay and enjoy doing that.

Anyway I should mention I am on reddit and discord alot. R@Naruto1998 D@Yuki/SP2D#9079
You can also talk to me and what servers i can be added to. As I'm more active there.
As for other socials I will tell later