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36 year old Male
Last online 5 months ago
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ladymalice77 @iccarus77 left a comment for wingzero87
Oct 13, 15 at 1:05pm
Hello there.
wingzero87 @wingzero87 Happy New Year!
Eun Hye @eunhye left a comment for wingzero87
Oct 11, 15 at 2:41am
My favorite Korean actor is Lee Seung Gi. Have you watched Zettai Kareshi?
mariahaise @mariahaise left a comment for wingzero87
Jun 25, 15 at 12:41am
Ohh sorry i saw this too latee, I'm Mariana nice to meet you too
Thanks! I'm sure I will. Don't really meet many people around where I live with similar interests.
Hi I just got back on this website after a pretty long time. Hope I can meet plenty of people and get to know some new friends. I'm 30 and I'm from SC. Love anime, video games, sci-fi and fantasy tv or movies, Japanese culture, motorcycles and swimming. Planning to start back to school asap. Probably in the fall. About to go to Disney World in a few weeks with my brother and his family so I'm pretty excited about that. I have been to Universal and Sea World in Orlando but never Disney. Although Universal is a lot different since I was there the last time. Well I hope everyone is doing well. Have a great day!