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Last online 11 months ago
Durham, United Kingdom
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I'm back again for about 20 minutes before I bog off for another year or so. Past me was hilarious. Heck, he still is! Haven't read my bio yet again (little bit narcissistic I know), but I guess I gotta update it some time. And yes, I've smacked myself. Twice for good measure! Haha! And future me better be smacking himself too! We all know he's gonna let himself go. The temptation of sushi and cookie dough is too great!
After forgetting what my bio is and reading it again, I must say. I am absolutely hilarious. I dare say I even crack myself up. What a read. It speaks to me on a personal and intellectual level. Though, that's cos it's me! Haha! I do need to smack myself though, cos past me would be mad, even though it's only been a few months. Future me! Smack thyself so current me doesn't have to! Please? PS: Heck yeah I'm gonna talk to myself about myself so my future self will see it. It's my profile. Suck it up, future me whos probably either laughing or has a deep pain in his soul whilst reading this.
Jan 11, 19 at 3:06am
Dude. I feel like I've been trying to find people who like Gintama my whole LIFE. Like heck, why can't people see how much of a masterpiece it is? Also, I relate heavily to your profile ;u;
As a fellow creative writing student I'd like to help you. I'll try not to be harsh so I'll say it quickly. Your story is good but not brilliant as there is no real starting point. It's well written but there aren't many devices which could make it so much more heart wrenching. Also, it would get more marks if you told the story from someone else's perspective, such as the cat, your parents, or even the doctor. Sorry if I've been a bit harsh but for a first assignment it's briliant.
Huzzah! Yet another Forum about Britain. Hello fellow Brits!