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Last online 11 months ago
Durham, United Kingdom
I looked at my old info page and cringed a fair amount so here's a not-so-little update to it.

I'll get this part over with at the start. I do not have the money to go to cons (I give into temptation a lot so I have to buy every cool thing I see) so no, I have not met you at a con or other such things because money sucks. Though if I had the money, cosplay would be very much so on the list of things to do, though I'd probably end up being too anxious to wear it anywhere. -_-

I'm 5"11 with blondish brown hair, blue eyes and a somewhat caustic comical taste. I'm laid back (I'm lazy) and when it comes to work, I procrastinate until the last hour of the last day (I'm very lazy). I'm very distant towards people until I get to know them (Still lazy).

Once I get to know you, you will realise that I am honest to a fault (unless I'm being cheeky (also lying takes up energy I could use elsewhere, like sleeping!)). However, I'll only say the truth in a round-a-bout, archaic way (unless I'm tired, which I pretty much am 200% of the time).
(Yes. 200% of the time.)
tl;dr Much lazy, many contradict.

I'll laugh at the worst things, because I'm a horrible person. I'm way too lazy to care about social constructs. Memes are pretty cool too. If you can find any great ones, send them to me. Please. If you send me one I'll send one back too and I'll try and make it the same level of satire or disgustingness as the one you send me.

As for appearance, as I've gotten older I've liked my appearance more, but there's still much I'd change, like I wish I could grow a beard, but I can't. I'd say I'm definitely a big guy, but I'm working to change that, which is hard considering my lethargic lifestyle, but I'll get there. Who will have faith in me if not myself? I'm still not anywhere near comfortable with taking pictures of myself, but as I said before, I'm working towards that.
[From the me of 2020: I'm a lot better with myself now, a lot less harsh and a lot more comfortable in myself, even the beard is better. Still naff as all hell, but better.]

For music, I prefer alternate rock. For instance: Poets of the Fall and Jimmy Eat World. I used to (like ages ago) like nightcore and I still have a massive bookmark list that I can't be bothered to get rid of. Currently I'm listening to some of my all time favourite tracks from Jimmy... and Poets... among the rest of my ever evolving Spotify playlist.

For games, I like most things, although campaigns are my jam. Currently playing Divinity: Original Sin, the second one and Risk of Rain II. Halo, Divinity and Deus Ex are my favourite game series along with Unreal Tournament, although I have a deep appreciation for Donkey Kong Country, Street Fighter 2 and Super Smash Bros 3DS.
This is all due to a large amount of time on my hands and a very lazy approach to things that don't involve food or sleep.

I also love tabletop games and card games. Dungeons and Dragons is a definite joy in my life. I also like board games. Board games get me going. Games that make people talk to each other are great to me, not just board games like Life where everyone can go their own way and never interact with the other players unless it's to take money from them. Don't get me wrong, I still like those games too, just not as much.

I also paint miniatures sometimes. Specifically Warhammer 40k. If you'd like I can show you my small amount of painted models for Space Marines or Tyrannids, but it really is a small amount, because most of them are still unpainted.

I've dealt with depression for years now, so if you need a random person to talk to when you're in a bad place, drop a message and I'll try to help out and possibly give some insight to help you in your battle. (when I'm online)

I just realised after 3 years of being on this site that I haven't talked about anime! Lately I'm watching less anime and reading more manga, but to me it's all very similar. I like the same stuff, dislike the same stuff, and a lot of things I start watching and refuse to watch anymore because of my baseless accusations. However I can say without a doubt that my all time favourite anime will always be Gintama, because it's Gintama.
[2 years later and I can still say that it's Gintama, because it's Gintama.]

Also, i'm not really online on MO much (at all, ever), but here's my Discord:
Sigimund Kresh#2608
Just tell me you're from here and I'll be like "cool"
If it's a bit weird for you, here's a starting message:
"Hey. Hey guy!"
And the response I'd probably give:
[insert meme or video here]
I'm always on my Discord.

Note to me in the future:
You better have done what you wanted to do when it was close to your 20th birthday. That's becoming a better person. If you haven't I'll smack you.
(PS: Please smack yourself for me, or I'm gonna feel like an idiot back here.)
Also dogs are the greatest thing to ever happen to this god forsaken planet. Change my mind. All doggos are good doggos.
(PPS: Yes I'm a douche-bag, no I don't always talk like this. Yes I'm always a douche-bag.)
Much luv <3