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Mar 24, 12 at 8:04am

Hey again. I made an event on my fb page for the Castle Point Anime Convention, feel free to join in! Send me a friend invite, hope to see you there!


konachan @konachan left a comment for CosRook
Mar 14, 12 at 12:32pm

My brother is one of those kinds! I don't know how they do it. They spend the whole time in that room. I used to be apart of a gaming club on campus until it only became about those tabletops and got really boring.I just stick to anime club now. I have a couple of friends who are into the miniatures to. When I go to a con I have to run around everywhere. I can't sit in one room like that.


Well me I'm the anime/manga type and while they do watch anime they are the gamer types. They go to cons to play table-tops like hordes, warmachine and warhammer, card games or browsing vendors for new cards or miniatures (the little figures for the table-tops). They don't even go to panels or meet anyone just walk around all day for 3 days looking at vendors, it's seriously boring.

konachan @konachan left a comment for CosRook
Mar 13, 12 at 6:32pm

That sounds pretty awesome. When you get done running around to all these conventions you should let me know which one you liked the best. I need to figure out some more big cons to go to. What other kind of nerdy is there when you go to an anime con. . . Are they the kind that likes to collect stuff? Or the kind that get excited about voice actors?


Well as of right now only Anime Boston, AnimeNEXT, Otakon, NYCC, BCC, and Anime USA are 100% the others are up in the air. And yea there's usually a group of at least 5 of us that go together but none of those guys cosplay they are a different type of nerdy. Also not 100% sure about the Byakuya costume for Boston erg something just doesn't feel right about it and if I can't do it the way I like then prolly just gonna pull that. As far as everything else I'll be making most of them besides Grimmjow and Cao Pi.

konachan @konachan left a comment for CosRook
Mar 12, 12 at 1:18pm

No walls of text are more than ok ^^ wow you sure are going to a ton of conventions? Is it a group of you guys that go to all the cons? Yeah, my cons have been limited to AWA and Kami-con. I love AWA though so it's ok. Hopefully I can go to some bigger cons later. I was wonderingif Bayakuya is what you were going for, which means you must be doing ok with the styling because he was the first to come to my mind. I've heard of jusice Bao bu I've never watched it. I'm assuming zhan Zhao is the guy with the long hair? That'd be pretty cool acutally, then you'd get the historical clothing. a full on Gimmjow cosplay wold be awesome though. You should post pics when it's done just because that would be cool to see. Are you making it? If you go to Awa. I think Gazille would be cool because i know a lot of people read fairy tail so you would get recognized but its not as common as itachi. Cao Pi's white/gray/silver outfit would be neat, but I don't know how many people would recognize him.


Prepared to be Crit by wall of text cause I'm pretty obsessed with cosplay right now. I have tons of cosplays planned for this year, depends on what cons I'm going to. The first upcoming is Anime Boston next month we kinda decided to go last minute so there's not enough time to get the other costumes done but I will be doing Byakuya(Bleach). Hence the hair in that picture obviously needs to be styled I just separated the bangs to see how it would look there. After that AnimeNEXT was planning a new variation Byakuya cause well he's kinda my trademark costume being the first one and I absolutely hate the regular shinigami clothes. Other costumes would be Neji (Naruto), Super 17 (DBGT), and this one is gonna be my favorite Zhan Zhao from Justice Bao series it's an asian drama? After that I'll be going to Otakon and my biggest costume is Grimmjow in his Pantera form with full armor, Sunny (Toriko), and Clair Genderbend (Pokemon). Any other con and costume after Ota is in the air and subject to change. I noticed you will be attending AWA as well while my plans aren't definite if I do end up going I'll be doing a variation of Itachi (Naruto), Cao Pi (Dynasty Warriors), Gazille (Fairy Tail) but all of those are to be determined after Otakon. I'll definitely be going to NYCC, BCC, and Anime USA later this year.

konachan @konachan left a comment for CosRook
Mar 10, 12 at 9:14pm

By the way, What cosplay were you thinking about?

konachan @konachan left a comment for CosRook
Mar 10, 12 at 6:00pm

Well I would have said something but I couldnt until you accepted my friend request haha. It's cool. I'm Renee! ^^ Dont worry about being on the internet. I've learned most people who like anime are friendly.

ルナ @luna left a comment for CosRook
Mar 10, 12 at 6:45am

Hi, just wanted to give you a warm welcome to Maio!
maybe we can be friends?

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