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Last online almost 4 years ago
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Nov 05, 16 at 11:40am


How have you been? Been a long time since we last spoke

Apr 15, 16 at 1:46am

No worries
Thank you for writing at all.
A lot of people don't.
Means a lot.

Glad you got a better job.
I live in San Antonio & I lost my state job in August (I dealt with TANF/CMA/SNAP & got yelled at ALOT at 8am) and currently work at Walgreens. Not much in pay but it's a job and it lets me have time for my other 2 jobs. I have 2 businesses where I teach sign language and music/piano.

Thanks. I love all anime. Expect mecha. I can't get into it but will watch it.
Lol I understand on that.... Majority of guys won't watch yaoi. As long as the guy is ok with me owning & watching it + he's loyal and honest then I'm happy.

Apr 08, 16 at 7:00am

Hi :)

Jul 11, 15 at 8:42am

Nice info.
Probably a turn off but I'm pretty much obsessed with anime and Japanese culture.
Sadly I don't live in Dallas but I do live in Tx. I was in Dallas for AKon