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May 17, 20 at 10:20am
Yeah its massive XD but i like it that way, more things to do there. 14 hours? Sheesh i remember when my fam did a road trip from florida to texas it was like 17 hours just to get there. We drove into Houston and was driving for st least 2 hours before we got to where we wanted to be inside of houston.
May 13, 20 at 9:12am
I see, why is that? Do you hate it there? I mainly like texas because of how big it is. I like big fast paced places.
May 11, 20 at 4:51am
Haha im trying tbh if i move to san Antonio i will be closer to my brother and his wife. Plus i have friends who live in texas already XD
May 10, 20 at 11:34pm
Ah yes the dreaded toll roads, something i do not miss cuz they are literally everywhere. You can just be driving and driving and oops $2 toll road and they are no more than like a few feet from one another. Im not trying to go back to Houston, mainly want to be stationed in san Antonio. I found houston to be kinda nice though, i lived there for my middleschool and freshman year. Apparently there are alot of gangs there? I do remember one time someone busted into my stepdad's truck im guessing looking for something idk. He claims it was probably an illegal immigrant looking for documents. Seeing as they didnt take the money that was there but went inside the glove compartment.
May 10, 20 at 9:09pm
Yeah i used to live in texas myself a while back. Im thinking of going back. I honestly liked it there when inused to live in Houston. It was so nice having loads of things to do and the people there were always so nice and good looking. Tho the drivers there cant drive to save their or anyone elses lives XD im ready to go back to my easy 8 hour days where i sit in A/C and dont have to deal with annoying coworkers.
May 10, 20 at 10:14am
I didnt forget about you, i just didnt remember you lived in texas XD i am working a tiny bit now more than usual, i am working 8 hours a day (while yes i am aware this is the normal minimum wage shift hours) when you spend all 8 hours in 100°+ dry heat weather it can seem like an eternity. I honestly dont mind working extra hours or staying later but only if i had a choice in the matter. If i am given the choice to stay later most likely i will, but if im FORCED to stay late then i get angry XD idk why that is. I dont use facebook nor have i used it since like 2012 honestly.
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May 05, 20 at 8:31pm
May 05, 20 at 9:35am
Ohhhh pffft i completely forgot you are in texas as well lol i mean i can pop by and say hi XD my main goal was to meet up with the bois. We have been friends for like a long ass time and still never met up. Meanwhile you have my workaholic ass XD if i dont have any work to do i just complain and gripe. Im getting paid to work so i rather work you know? If im not gonna work i rather be at home. where i can do nothing, but on my own terms. But yeah i hate when people bring favoritism into play, it just isn't right.
May 05, 20 at 2:56am
Oof it be like that sometimes. I had a favoritism thing happen to me. I got put on the worst job position when i got here snd we are required to only do 2 months of each job. They tried to get me to do 4 and i fought it but they persisted. Meanwhile they gave others the more favorable jobs. Yeah i was originally gonna go to the Philippines with friends but we opted to just meet up in texas but i mean with the whole lockdown stufd thats not gonna happen
May 04, 20 at 4:10am
Wait why do most of them work from home but no you? Favoritism? Oh i see, when i get home im trying to take a nice long vacation. Kinda sad cuz i was planning to go visit some friends but i gotta put it on hold
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