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Last online 2 days ago
Hey there, You have reached my profile!!

I am looking for a partner to hang out with for the rest of my life, not looking to travel too far to meet people and would prefer to stick to meeting local people ( that means like 4 hours tops, 2 hours or less preferred ngl). As for animals I like all types of non-deadly animals and have a few dogs/cats in my home right now. For genetics I am technically the 5th born out of my mother, but the 1st out of my father.

For the Otaku portion I like a lot of anime, the ones I have listed as watched are only the ones I could be bothered to watch. There is plenty of anime I have not seen yet like My Hero Academia that is on my list that I would watch someday. My favorite Genres would be comedy and action. Slice of life is hit or miss but a good romance story is hard to find ever since tsundere's became popular imo.

I am not a complete shut-in and will go out to places, but there is barely anything around except Wal-mart where I am lol.

Overall I am a guy that likes to watch anime, play video games, and have fun in life and not take things too seriously.

Hit me up if you wanna get to know me :)