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29 year old Female
Last online over 10 years ago
I am a weird person I absolutely love to be random when I am around people I share interests with or that I am comfortable around. I try to to go anime conventions and stiff as best as I can. I love anime otherwise I wouldn't be on here really lol and my music I listen to is k-pop vocaloid and stuff like that. my favorite anime would be Blood+ Naruto hell-sing FMA and alot more lol/ Ask if you want to get to know me better. :) I don't bite I promise lol/ :3 I love to play video games mess with MMD (miku miku dance) and even sing. shh on the singing thing lol anyways I am looking for a special someone who I can share watching anime with reading manga with and even cos-playing with. I also want that special someone to talk to me if he is upset of needs someone to talk to and I hope he would do the same for me. but I love it when they act weird but are like a gentleman at the same time. oh great I sound picky..do I? nah I doubt it. but anyways XD I like to cook but I am still learning just don't try to have me make mac and cheese...I caught that on fire last time so no to that XD for some reason alot of my otaku friends say I am like sakura and Prussia mixed with china and Russia. But Other then that I think I said alot...I think anyways..oh well if you guys want to chat and talk it all out just let me know my skype is crystal.muni and you should be able to see my email already. hope to talk to you guys. and by guys I mean everone because I want friends that are girls to you know!! XD