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24 year old Female
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Haiii :o

Jul 04, 17 at 4:38pm

My favourite anime is without a doubt the monogatari series, because it jsut has everything I love in it. The atmosphere it creates really gobsmacked me the first time I saw it because the visual presentation is so characterestic but still fitting really well with everything else such as characters, content and storytelling. I think it is great on every aspect but the harony of everything together is what really makes it stand out for me. :D
Then again, maybe (probably) I just way too big of a fan regarding this series ;)

On a side note, I think I enjoy reading a good novel more than watching a good anime allthough i am more picky when it comes to novels i like copared to anime series.
Do you read or maybe have some cool hobbies beside anime?

Jun 28, 17 at 4:03pm

Hey sorry for the late response.

Importance for characters and likes comedy, you , I like your taste :)

Jun 13, 17 at 4:03pm

Favourite anime and why? 3-2-1 go!

Harunyan @harunyan left a comment for schnaddel
Aug 13, 16 at 4:53am

Lust zu chatten? Dann nimm meine Anfrage an ^-^

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May 16, 16 at 1:48pm

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Apr 30, 16 at 2:30pm

how are u

Max @reclaw left a comment for schnaddel
Feb 21, 16 at 2:04pm

Hi there, how are you doing?

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Feb 10, 16 at 11:07am


mouchi @mouchi left a comment for schnaddel
Nov 13, 15 at 3:14pm

Nice pics