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Currently a member of Anime Con Goers group on

I like getting involved in Anime and Japan related events. I been into Anime since I was five. That should say enough.

Gaming not my strength but I do play.
Steam account: EndlessKnight7

Music anything that's on the radio and really into jpop and jrock a little kpop. I grew up with the Bettles and old school music. Not really into hip hop guess it depends on the song.

If you're looking for something more get to know me first. I am easy going simple and my talents are not noticeable over the net. I am genuine and pride myself in using my own words. If you try to impress me with lies I will know even if I don't say anything. Just be yourself. Makes it easier on everyone.

Friendships are always welcomed preferred to the dating pressure. Don't start flirting with me if you aren't willing to commit to me please. I had bad experiences before that's why I ask for friends first.
Mar 22-24
Apr 19-21
May 24-26
Aug 9-11