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Last online about 2 months ago
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I drew this with random pens and marker


Gonna add my anime drawings here cause why not? i think this looked cute


After so many years, i finally finished Pokemon sun and moon! it was a nice anime. Now im watching Pokemon 2019, so far its good

This 2019, i finished about 29 anime not counting the seasons xD . Proud!!!

Overall, i watched 160 anime (including seasons) throughout my life. I would say... im still behind LOL super behind

My goal is to watch until i reach 2019 by the end of 2019. Hope i make it!

Currently im watching:
Pokemon 2019
Sword art online alicization: war of underworld
Boku no hero academia 4th season



2018- April 2019
Animes finished: Relife, Sword art online alicization, mob psycho 2, pheonix wright season 2, promise neverland ;-;

Watching right now: One puuunchhh!! 2, Pokemon sun and moon, attack on titan s3 part 2

Anime finished: 99 XD mob kun!!!

Need to start watching more anime...


I watched a total of 90 anime in my entire life. Not good because THERES SO MANY MORE I NEED TO WATCH XDDD

reyuse @reyuse You should watch Angel Beats and Nichjou if you haven't yet.

Anime i'm currently watching:

2016 - now : Pokemon sun & moon:
I've grown so attached to the game so i said, why not watch the anime too? I've grown more attach to the characters. Even cried at some episodes. I love the opening and ending songs especially Future connections. It makes me sad :(

2018 - now : Ace attorney season 2 :
I also played the game first before i watched the anime. I love the characters. Their friendship is amazing!!

2019 : Mob Psycho 100 season 2:
Love the character development! it's wierd but i have a crush on Shigeo. Me and him are somehow alike

2019 : Yakusoku no neverland :
My cousin made me watch this. Well he actually recommended me to read the book a long time ago but i never thought of reading it. This anime is wow... i don't know how to explain. It's so different and unique. I never watched anything like this before. I made my little cousin watch it and she likes it too. It was scary at first but now... it's actually not

2018 / started watching on 2019: Sword Art Online: Alicization :

I never thought that SAO would get another season. I read the reviews first and alot of people reveiwed it as a 1 to a 3. I ended up watching it instead because, Sword Art Online was the anime that made me like anime. It's the second anime i watched and i saw it on youtube xD it took me 2 days and now i'm on the latest episode. I love the story, i love the animations. People have different views on the anime. To me it's good!!! i will continue to watch it till the end. Crushing on Eugeo... :(( i might end up drawing him...maybe

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Feb 26, 19 at 8:03pm

Hi! Thanks forbthe request! X33