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tendo007 @tendo007 left a comment for rm_shinku
Nov 04, 21 at 2:13am
H to L to O
hi guys, anyone wanna be friends? :D
Aug 09, 21 at 6:39am
Yeah I feel you on that one :(
Mar 19, 19 at 8:21pm
I confess that i never dated a person in real life. I get crushes but no one likes me. I'm looking for that person meant for me. I wonder where they could be... :(
Mar 02, 19 at 11:09am
You need patience. I dated my childhood friend ldr. He broke up with me in 5 months because he didn't wanna wait. Now after the breakup, he dated about 3 girls, 4 girls if including me. I trusted him because he told me to trust each other. Did he ever trusted me? he was the one that asked me out and it was so fast, i told him you know the answer but are you willing to wait? well he broke that patience. I was willing to wait... he never gave me a real reason why he broke up with me but i knew... but hey! that's not how LDR always end up as. So if your willing to wait, if you trust each other, then go for it!