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25 year old Male
Last online 24 days ago
Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
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whatevergirl200 left a comment for readyfreddie2k
Feb 04, 19 at 2:22am

Dracula, most John Steinbeck stuff, les mis, Sherlock, etc, do you read any?

nekorine left a comment for readyfreddie2k
Jan 20, 19 at 5:16am

Ah yes, I've had a lot of good recommendations, but I don't think I'm searching for anymore >_<. I googled up my favourite genre only to realise that I only like a small part of it, since apparently its linked with weird stuff...if that makes sense? If anything a general idea is sad anime that make you go 'BUT WHY' e.g. Erased

Rozeldia left a comment for readyfreddie2k
Jan 15, 19 at 7:47pm

Yup and Unlimited Blade Works was my favourite thanks to Archer. I really need to watch the series again, it's been so long.

Jan 12, 19 at 7:56am

Just joined the site to see what it's all about