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32 year old Male
Last online 8 months ago
Tampa, FL
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nimus_fell @nimus_fell left a comment for pyramanager
Nov 29, 22 at 9:10pm
Heya there! I'm living in Miami atm. Also yeah, totally haha. I decided to make a list some years ago and be like 'Alright, let's write down everything I watch', and often put a * after the anime to point out when I liked it very much, so i guess from that I could pick a few favorites. And of course I'm watching some! I didn't expect Netflix animes be good, but I gave them a try and I really enjoyed 'Romance Killer', is a silly romance-comedy one, and another one is 'Komi-san can't communicate' from there too. Out of Netflix I'm watching One Piece, Boku no Hero, Mob Psycho 3rd Season, and Iruma-san 3rd Season. Cartoons... I'm rewatching Adventure Time properly, can't say I watched in order the first time. And I guess some youtube cartoon-like that might count, that's 'Helluva Boss', is pretty good if you can handle dark humor.
Cant tell if youre respecting pronouns or calling them a he/she as in ladyboy XD
Yesterday This He/She was bullying me this week...well only yesterday she follow Eugenia Cooney...he/she thinks I'm scare of He/she but I'm not XD