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30 year old Male
Last online about 4 hours ago
Tampa, FL
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If your serious talk was about a relationship, then he probably got cold feet cuz of commitment issues =\
the one guy that i actually genuinely liked suddenly tells me he's gonna disappear from discord from 3 months. Prior to that, he and I had a serious talk with each other. Which is sus if you ask me. I'm kinda hurting rn so thats why im here.
Girls can be just as bad as guys though =\
I think I can date a girl because the man I was with was a jerk just like my ex so I guess girls are better
It could be that many are looking for a relationship, and your profile says you're not into flirting, so many are respecting that. It's just a guess though. But if you wanna chat and maybe be friends, I'm down
Where are all the people now? I remember this web was more active before-
Long John @joemama711 They in the forms, you gotta reply to people on their wall or comment like this for them to see it
He was asking if you drew your profile picture and if you created that character yourself
ShinyTaiga @shinytaiga left a comment for pyramanager
Apr 29, 18 at 10:50pm
South Florida about 30 mins from Miami
Vash @v4sh36 left a comment for pyramanager
Apr 27, 18 at 11:19am
Hey man I live in Palm bay, it's about 3 hours from where you are.
That's kinda the point. I hate the hot so freaking much. I'm one of the crazies that'll be out in shorts and a T-shirt in <60 degree weather. I've wanted to leave forever, so at this point if anything I'm trying *not* to make friends here to minimize attachments to this place. Nah, I've never been. I wanted to get my crush to come to Florida for Megacon, but she's gonna be really busy in May so she won't be able to make it.
Apr 13, 18 at 1:18am
Pop/Rock. but I love all kind of music even in other Language.
Surprisingly no. Honestly, I kinda lost interest in trying to make friends around here since I'm looking to move up north sometime hopefully this year
I'm semi-professional, mainly a DPS player but I sometimes switch to off-tank. I am in good contact with a lot of the guys from Dallas Fuel back when they were still EnVyUs, so I could find myself on a spot on that roster sometime if I get lucky.