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24 year old Female
Last online 14 days ago
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smolweeb @smolweeb left a comment for nimus_fell
Jul 13, 23 at 6:54pm
Hello! been a while since I've been on this site now, but you were one of the first accounts that it recommended to me! I speak spanish and love cartoons as well! You seem cool, and trust me, I get not being able to name a favorite anime xD. Has to be one of my most hated questions LOL Theres just waaay too many!
arumando @arumando left a comment for nimus_fell
Apr 22, 23 at 2:53am
Hey! Saw your about and wanted to chat with ya! I see we got a few things in common tho i will need a crash course into homestuck, feel like i missed it when it was big, better late then never!
TUCA DONKA @joemama711 left a comment for nimus_fell
Dec 02, 22 at 4:55am
Awe that's a bummer he should have like a co owner/director who can help if something happens to him or at least someone who sees his same vision. I think Deltarune might be the biggest indie? Game made lol. Also if you like cartoons on netflix i suggest Kipo and age of the wonderbeasts.