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Sep 10, 20 at 9:23pm
Peaches and Watermelons are best grown at home though.. they are so much more sweeter than in stores lol only problem is that if you don't pick em when the time is right the seeds start to sprout inside of the watermelon..
Sep 10, 20 at 9:19pm
I did the tomatoes from scratch from the summer seeds I harvested before hand. Imma start up some tomatoes, blood peaches, and some ghost pepper in the drip season..lol it's 3 weeks after winter is over.i did the ghost peppers seeds havesting and I'm smart to study before hand cause my mom bought some but didn't put any protection on her hands.. I put gloves on but I did make 1 mistake in progress... I didn't cover my nose and it stung my nose a lil but I managed to avoid the bad aftereffects by just avoiding using my nose.. lol it's pretty cool though.. I'm really into studying herbs and gardening and the study of different animals of all kinds. Though I did like working with snakes and spiders the most. I studied on landscaping and for the medical and culinary usages for different plants it's kinda like a side hobby of mine.. cause I love being outside and working outside to.. I used to get scolded quite a bit cause if my mom and I got into a argument then I would go to my favorite tree in backyard and take a nap there.. LoL Mom never figured out where it was so it was my stress relieving spot that only I could get to.
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Sep 09, 20 at 11:58am