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26 year old Female
Last online about 7 hours ago
Clovelly, United Kingdom
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ok, sooo... It turned out to be covid after all, haha... I'm ok though. Just warning for the slow responses and such! Thank you all for the warmth you've given me~
arch_human @arch_human left a comment for orchestra
Nov 17, 22 at 10:56am
It is that time of year where most do catch something. Hope you feel better soon. :) Also, seems like you have at a nice place/location. I've never been to where you are exactly, but I have been too Bude more times than I can count.
Hope ya feel better
I'm down with an awful cold, sorry for inactivity!
Az @aza89 left a comment for orchestra
Nov 14, 22 at 10:58am
Hello! How is it going? Hoping you would be up for a chat sometime. :)
Daggerfella @daggerfella left a comment for orchestra
Nov 12, 22 at 8:11pm
welcome to the site. im one of the head mods here. let me know if you need anything at all.