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34 year old Male
Last online about 3 hours ago
Worthing, United Kingdom
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Honestly, I'm not sure what happened. Didn't want to stop talking to you, but I normally can't think of what to talk about. >_< I don't have you on my Discord now. I think I tried at one point to speak to you, but you never replied. Maybe you already deleted me and that's why. If you don't remember who I am, then I won't bother you to add me again unless your ok with it. You just seem to be the only one from this site that I have spoken to that hasn't just disappeared from the face of the Earth.
I tend to delete people I don't talk to, so I likely just deleted you if we hadn't talked in a while. It's nothing personal. But idk why you posted here to ask, just dm me
magpie1812 @magpie1812 left a comment for arch_human
Mar 25, 23 at 9:51am
Hi, just read your profile. Didn’t know I could have so much in common with a stranger haha. Have you heard Disterbed’s cover of The Sound of Silence?
Why am I liking this so much? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9_ZpqfqHFI&list=RD3ByfY87mBxQ&index=6