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34 year old Female
Last online almost 11 years ago
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zenixzan @zenixzan left a comment for my_koibito<3
Oct 08, 12 at 6:21am
Check out my leaf headband
Feb 09, 12 at 11:26pm
Its 847-749-6230 just text me ur name
Feb 09, 12 at 2:18pm
Lol hey same to u can ask me anything but I love to go to Mitsuwa it an awesome place I go there a lot too an mmm what else I too love going to the movies an hanging out an I'm dyeing to see the lady in black an of course u know I play video games and I like to drive at nite time just to drive around really and I like the history channel like pawn stars an resterration and I like to pool an darts an I like going to gameworks and sometime I go to boarders or barns an nobles just to sit an read an relax but hey if u like to talk more u want my. Number???
Feb 08, 12 at 6:22pm
Lol awesome that's cool Im hopeing to go to more cons so tell me what else r u into ?
Feb 07, 12 at 7:56pm
Lol what do I do? Hell everything if I can get there on time lol but I go to panels photoshoots an of course the rave an I would like to go to the masquerade an mostly walk around an talk to people :D an hell yea I stay for the full weekend I every time I went there how about u? An plz tell me more about this mermaid costume u speak of lol ;)
Feb 06, 12 at 7:09pm
Lol nice that's cool an I'm so sry for ur lost of Games an consoles but ur horse is a Beauty but music mmmm I mostly like rock an Jrock an jpop an mostly everything too im very random with music how about u
Feb 06, 12 at 12:39pm
Hey np but wow a horse that awesome I have rode one since camp that was a loooooooong time ago lol but that's cool u cosplay that girl from fatal frame oh man that was a freaking game but yea mmmm games I like? Well there's a lot so I will keep it short I love bioshock 1&2 batman arkham 1&2, Cod, saints row the third, mortal kombat, maravel vs capcom games an final fantasy 4,7,8,9,10,13 an chrono tigger, and I love all the old school games like NES, the 64, sega ,dreamcast, an love Xbox too gears of wars an the halo an kenict games too so yea what games u like lol
Feb 06, 12 at 3:24am
Lol wow I would have kill to go all of those u r lucky girl an very cute too and I havent really cosplay wel someone thought I was one time cuz how my hoodie look they ask me if I was one of the zombie in left 4 dead lol I'm like ahhh no
Feb 05, 12 at 9:18pm
Lol nooooo god I wish :( I would love to go to other cons an meet more inteserting people lol what other ones have u been too
Feb 05, 12 at 10:22am
I'm good how r u I have been going for 5 yrs now how about u??