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33 year old Female
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Romulus, MI
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Currently made a new profile, I had a previous one but don't remember and didn't feel like resetting via email etc etc. Too bothered to re-do everything lol
Nov 28, 23 at 4:35pm
That nothing is ever as it seems, and as my mother would say, '' Believe only half of what you see, and nothing that you hear and, only trust in yourself and what you know.'' Which I figured is a self-explained expression but, it effectively means nothing is ever as it seems, so when you see a scenario going down, a car crash or an altercation between people, if you aren't right there RIGHT exactly as it happens, you can't believe what you see, there could be more. Even if you're RIGHT there as it begins, these people could have known each other beforehand so it isn't everything either or a full story. ''Nothing that you hear'' implies to drama being spread, gossip etc. Everyone is always the talk of the town, so ignore anything bad or even good that you hear because people like to just talk. The last bit is trusting your intuition when something is off or wrong or maybe just not for you to get involved in and to walk away. A form to protect yourself from getting into troubles and woes that doesn't or won't concern you, because then people will try to make it all about you in the end and target you. Another way to see it, The legend of the three wise monkeys has its origin in Chinese mythology. It tells a striking story starring three curious characters. The protagonists are Kikazaru, the monkey that doesn't hear, Iwazaru, the monkey that doesn't speak and Mizaru, the monkey that doesn't see.
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