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22 year old Male
Last online about 4 hours ago
Vancouver, WA
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Apr 22, 19 at 5:54pm

well life is just a cluster of good and bad right now, but the only thing we can do is roll with it

crystaldragon left a comment for mnky_d_logan
Apr 07, 19 at 10:53pm

Guess this one! It's one of my favorites. :D
"The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long."

Otakus unite left a comment for mnky_d_logan
Feb 23, 19 at 1:00pm

Thank you for the request^^

Feb 19, 19 at 7:22pm

Life is even more confusing now, apparently I read the signals wrong and was doing great but she didn't want to let me down
im not going to question it, maybe things are just meant to happen, and it seems like we are back together

Feb 18, 19 at 1:18pm

well life is confusing and sometimes cruel, but you can't let that hold you back from moving forward.

no longer with ana15 for reasons I'm still unaware of, but I won't let it depress me, nothing should

Neverland Sad to hear that holmes. Personally I didn't think she was that great a catch anyhow, but I didn't personally know here, I've just seen a lot of her sexual posts on her wall and in the forums. You seem more innocent and like a "real" person, so I'm glad you aren't letting this get you down m8. Always more fish in the sea :-)
Feb 02, 19 at 4:16pm

when you feel like you screwed up and have no idea what you did or if it was even you, what do you do?

Neverland Chin up bro, hope things have been well.
Neverland left a comment for mnky_d_logan
Jan 29, 19 at 9:19pm

Ah, that's too bad holmes. Well at least you guys are still talking quite a bit lol! Keep it up!

Neverland Also, you should try cosplaying as someone from One Piece, I think you could pull it off.
Jan 29, 19 at 9:03pm


Jan 29, 19 at 9:01pm

complicated, we are currently on other side of the country, but still talking avidly

Neverland left a comment for mnky_d_logan
Jan 29, 19 at 8:17pm

Hey holmes, how's the love life going?