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24 year old Female
Last online almost 5 years ago
San Antonio, TX
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Funmusicorn @funmusicorn left a comment for missarale
Mar 22, 18 at 10:43am
Your welcome ^^
No problem! https://media.giphy.com/media/Zgvj4OxTtCSxG/giphy.gif
Hi I'm Alondra, but you can call me Ali. I'm an artist who draws both NSFW and non NSFW artworks. I'm bisexual. I'm also a YouTuber and a cosplayer. My favorite anime is Saint Seiya. I'm also into Pet Play which is a type of kink and my pet for pet play is a Fox. I also have a fictional hubby which is Cancer Deathmask from Saint Seiya. I'm a shy and sweet girl.I play clarinet and keyboard and was in karate since age 8. Nice to meet y'all and here is my social media down below. ♡ Instagram & YouTube: missarale Tumblr & Twitter: missaraleart DeviantArt: RosielInorganicAngel