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31 year old Female
Last online 2 months ago
San Diego , CA
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Devnull @haskell left a comment for Poppychan
Nov 19, 20 at 3:03am

Hi, I registered recently and came across your profile. I added you on Discord since you included in your bio and I want to make friends.

Oct 26, 20 at 10:23am

dont see why not what have you been watching? i have seen a few pretty cool things as of late i cannot wait for the to englishafy this new anime slime something or other looks funny/cute
sorry i dont check this much most ppl here are just afk or wont reply so i kinda gave up on a date XD


Seems like we'd get along well

Sep 17, 20 at 2:22pm

wanna talk anime =0

Haku @haku left a comment for Poppychan
Aug 18, 20 at 8:30pm

Sounds good just send me a message whenever you please

Haku @haku left a comment for Poppychan
Aug 18, 20 at 10:01am

Hello and thanks for the friend request

Aug 17, 20 at 11:19am

Hello! By any chance did you go to CSULB??? You remind me of someone that I knew from Japan club back in my college days


Since you're familiar with Naruto, I recently listened to Ten Ten's theme out of nostalgia actually! It's a shame she didn't have much character aside from being a Neji fan girl. xD But yeah, I absolutely love this theme. The music in the original Naruto is still really good imo!


No idea if you wanted to be friends or anything, but you seem pretty cool! ^_^ I see that you have Hikaru No Go on your list. I really like that anime a lot actually or what I've seen of it so far!

Time to Move On @dtm left a comment for Poppychan
Aug 01, 20 at 8:30pm

Welcome to MaiOtaku! Hope we become friends!