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♡ Milku ♡

22 year old Female
Last online over 2 years ago
♡ About Me ♡

- call me Milku or Milk
- i do nothing but watch anime, read, play vidya games, and barely sleep.
- important to note, i am in an open/poly relationship. i am looking for others to talk to/possibly date??? so just know that before interacting. ♡

♡ Interests ♡

- my favorite anime genre is romance, slice of life, comedy, and horror.
- i love yaoi and yuri, so im probably reading either of those if i say im reading.
- i play osu, league of legends, sims, overwatch, pokemon, and animal crossing.
- i have rlly bad social anxiety so i dont do voice chat.
- i LOVE makeup and doing hair. ask me for pics if you ever wanna see hair colors/makeup looks i've done. :3