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33 year old Male
Last online about 2 years ago
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Maid @sweetmaid left a comment for Lumen
Aug 14, 19 at 6:33pm
Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Lumen
Jan 29, 19 at 7:04pm
I think they use your profile to attract ladies to the site holmes. You should get paid for it! lol.
Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Lumen
Jan 26, 19 at 12:08am
I think I know why you're a featured Otaku so much on the site now. <.<...
Aug 11, 19 at 8:35am
@Maid :3c https://i.imgur.com/WMEWKNR.gif
Lumen @lumen commented on Lost
Aug 07, 19 at 1:40am
Depression is a bitch. First, you cannot sit back and expect things to get better, or have someone come "rescue" you from this slump (as nice as this sounds). You have to put in effort to make yourself happy. Yes, it will be hard doing so without any motivation. Just think and ask yourself what would make you happy. It can be any number of things, big or small, and it can be a hobby/activity you used to do when you were younger that you stopped doing, or just something new. Work on one or more of those things 1 step at a time. Don't give up. I've been through *a lot*, and things do get better. You're still young. Take care of yourself.