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19 year old Male
Last online 7 months ago
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beatty33 @beatty33 left a comment for lukahkings2
beatty33 @beatty33
Mar 18, 20 at 11:29am
This account has been suspended.
Onizuka @averageboss left a comment for lukahkings2
Mar 06, 20 at 10:53pm

Welcome to MO. I hope you have fun here and make plenty of friends. :)

Just so you know, posts you make here will only be seen if someone directly views your wall, or if one of your friends sees it in their feed. If you wanna meet some people and chat, I highly recommend dipping into the forums. The thread titled Last One to Post Here Wins, is a catch all and probably the most active thread on the site.

lukahkings2 @lukahkings2 Ohhhhhh thanks for the info! I legit didn’t know that lol But the people here are much nicer then most social media I use so I’ve already made a few friends
Onizuka @averageboss Well, glad to hear. Hope you are enjoying your time here so far. :)

Helllooooo people’s I’m lukah yes that’s my actual name, I’m on here to make friends talk about anime and survive this week and the next and the next and ect. PLEASE feel free to chat an chill vent rant whatever I don’t sleep so I’m almost always available at night