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27 year old Female
Last online about 6 years ago
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Jun 09, 18 at 12:03am
Hi I'm Nick. I really don't have time between battery charges to check this all the time. But, if you want you can email me at blazingangels1337@gmail.com. Wonderful pics though.
Dragonborn21 @ravemaster21 That sounds like I'm a robot. Geez.
I don't really get on here since I am busy, but if you would like to get in contact just message me your info to stay in touch. If not then you'll have to wait until I have time to log on here so it might take awhile until I get back to you.
Oct 03, 17 at 9:44pm
Heyyyy (: what part of Texas are you from and do you cosplay? 0.0
my ex was abusive and possessive. When we first met he was sweeter than candy but once I started making friends he would start telling me what to wear, and if I wore anything else he would call me horrible things. He would let all of our coworkers harass me, and give me a hard time. They would take money out of cash register, they would trash my locker, and my workplace. He also wouldn't let me out anywhere if he wasn't there. He would come to my apartment uninvited and stay in my parking lot to see if I was actually home and whatnot.There was even a time where my best friend's grandmother died and I went to go see her and he started shouting at me.....and another moment where he was playing the music in his truck so loud my ears were hurting so I tried to lower the volume and he punched my hand (he always wears these bulky gold rings) and it hurt so bad I cried; and all he said was that is what you get for touching my shit. He only got worse from there to the point I grew terrified of him that I would cry and start shaking whenever someone mentioned his name. I was seeing that he was toxic and I needed to get away... I was growing tired of getting mistreated by him and his friends so I tried talking to him about it but he never changed. So many horrible things happened, to the point I wanted to end it all. I tried to get help, I talked to my boss, I talked to his parents, I tried with so many people but they all thought I was crazy since he had a good guy image. I even went to the police and they didn't believe me either due to the fact he was studying criminal justice and was applying there since he was going to be a cop! Luckily my new friends I made while I was with him saw him for who he was and helped me leave him and protected me from him. When I left him he tried hurting my friends and one of them was a girl.....I tried to calm him down but just pushed me against a wall and tried making me go back with him. He is insane and after I left him I cried so hard not because it hurt to leave but because I was free.... He is one of my worst exes and I am just so glad I left him
Hi Dani it's nice to meet you! I am new here as well I just joined yesterday and I am sorry for your loss