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I dunno if you ever watched Futurama? But this has always been my favorite moment. xD


I never grew up with the Gummi Bears Disney cartoon since it was before my time, but the intro is just amazing! I mean Disney made a cartoon revolving around fruit flavored Gummy Bear snacks. And it seems kinda awesome. xD


Yeah I indeed do love Hercules. I'd put it pretty high up there in terms of favorites. It was actually the movie that introduced me to some Greek Mythology. And like... I can go the distance is one of the songs I listen to from time to time. It's honestly my favorite in the movie and it really characterizes Hercules cause he's outcasted by everyone not just because he has freakish inhuman strength but he's socially awkward and I really like what they did with him as a character.

And yeah it's pretty nice to find someone who likes the same things as me! You seemed really cool and that's why I decided to talk to you. I have very few friends to be honest... And I totally understand how difficult it is to reach out to people, cause I honestly used to be pretty anti-social in the past. And I just had to learn to just put myself out there even though making friends is really hard or just finding honest people so I'm pretty careful who I interact with. And I prefer throwing conversations first before getting close to people just so I can understand the person better or what they're like and stuff. So hopefully you understand where I'm coming from. Also, this site has its fair share or weird folks and trolls so yeah.... >_>

Anyways, yeah as for anime... I haven't really been watching anything recent myself either. The last really good new anime I watched was Your Lie in April. If you love music you should definitely give it a look into! I'm currently watching the Japanese version of Yugioh and Pokemon, Oh I'm watching The Slayers, I'm on season 2, I just started an anime from 2006 called Air recently. I remembered this anime back in high school and I never finished it. I wanna get back with Shadow Skill and Nadia the Secret of Blue Water as well.

永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1 Or I mean warming up to others that's what I meant earlier! It takes me awhile to warm up to people there we go.

I can understand that. I'm pretty selective with games myself. I'm really bad at like sidescrollers although I'm okay with Sonic or the 2d ones since I grew up with em. xD But I really like games that are simple but have interesting fun worlds and maps. I usually think of the Shining games and Lunar those games are just special to me in many ways. But yeah, I don't wanna nerd out too much. xD

but yeah, as for Laputa I saw it first on the month of Miyazaki special event they were doing on Cartoon Network. And I wanted the movie so bad that I eventually got it on dvd. It's still a good dub though they mispronounced Pazu's name as Potzu. xD I've heard stories about an older dub by Streamline if memory serves? Supposedly records of that dub is rare cause the dubbing was really really bad. Barbara Goodson voiced Pazu in that dub and I always kinda wondered how her take was since she's actually pretty good at voice boy types of characters in anime. I still love Megumi Hayashibara in the Japanese version though she's amazing.

Also, I probably should've asked for a top ten or if it extends even more or something since it's hard to pick a favorite Disney movie cause there's so many of them. xD But yeah, I'll narrow down some of my favorites. The Sword in the Stone, Aladdin, Tarzan, Mulan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Atlantis the Lost Empire, Hercules, Fantasia (the original 1941 version), A Goofy Movie, and oh yeah Lilo and Stitch of course.


Oh that's still cool, so you've played some games. I liked the first Kingdom Hearts but that's it. The other ones after it were ehhh. I never played fallout but I remember it had its share of popularity. I like games with good stories to them. Like my icon is from the Lunar series or Lunar 2 Eternal Blue.(Pretty much the significance of my username.) Or just anything fun with good storytelling usually RPGs and stuff. xD

WAIT you love Castle in the Sky too?! Finally! Someone who loves that movie! Everyone I've talked to always say Spirited Away is their favorite. I mean it's a beautiful film too cause they're all good, but that's just something so special about Castle in the Sky in particular. I think part of it is that it was the very first Ghibli film I ever saw when I was a preteen and it blew me away. Even for like 1987 the animation looks so very good even now. The amount of detail especially with the architecture and mechanics like mannnn it's still so cool! Like it's a timeless fantasy adventure and the story is so good, the characters wonderful and memorable and the music is still my favorite soundtrack out of all the Ghibli's. I can seriously talk so much about Laputa: A Castle in the Sky. xD But yeah Howl's moving castle is a good movie too. It took me awhile until I fully appreciated it. The first time I saw it, I just liked but it didn't grab me as the previous ghibli's that I saw before that. I rewatched it again years later and I was like oh wow this movie is much better than the first time.

Oh yeah, another Ghibli movie I really like is Kiki's Delivery Service. It's a really relatable film and it's pretty good coming of age. The flying scenes still looks amazing too!


Oh hey no troubles at all! I'm fairly nerdy myself so I understand completely. ^_^ And it's been awhile since I've had anyone to talk to lately quite honestly! haha
But yeah, I should definitely try to pick up where I left off with the new Ducktales. I saw a few episodes back when I used to have cable. I remember liking what they did with Webby. She was kind of annoying and pointless in the original and didn't really have much to her. She was just like the girl duck in the group and that's kinda it. Mrs. Beakly seems to have better characterization in the new show as well. She was funny in the original but they definitely made her more awesome from what little I saw of it anyway. But yeah! Magic Knight Rayearth's on my list. I really like and respect a lot of Clamp's work. Also, I've heard Koichi Sugiyama supervised the score which is awesome cause he's composes music for Dragon Quest.(Love his music a lot) Although wait I don't know if you play video games or anything. xD

Let's see what else... Ohh are you a fan of Studio Ghibli movies at all?

永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1 Or wait it just slipped my mind! Since you're a disney fan, what is your favorite Disney film if I might ask that as well?

Oh hi there lorewitch! So you're into shoujo anime that's cool! xP
Seems like you have a couple of shows I liked as well.(Although I only read the Magic Rayearth manga or only the first couple of books. I gotta watch the anime haha)

永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1 Also, I noticed you were a Disney fan too! I loved Ducktales as a kid I used to watch reruns of it on basic cable since I didn't grow up during the 80's after all. xD I especially really liked the Ducktales movie Treasure of the Lost Lamp. Christopher Lloyd was awesome as Murdock. But yeah, I haven't seen much of the new show but the original theme song is wickedly catchy I still listen to it from time to time. https://youtu.be/woJrjb91pW4
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