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Last online over 6 years ago
Los angeles, CA
My name is Jaime... but here in L.A everyone call me James n_n!! i'm full geeky/Otaku XD !!

----- OTAKU SIDE ---------

I been collecting & watching anime since im 7 years lol...
im been to cons since ever... here in L.A last year went to all the important ones and i love it...I had done cosplay for long time as well XD!

My favorite anime are:

Ghost of the shell
elfen lied
kimagure orange road
saikano.. and like 1000 more xD !!

----- GEEKY SIDE ---------

and i been a geeky since i can remember, i'm a genius with the computers, i study programming so can do anything...

i did work for a few years in Ubisoft as a programmer and a writer... in the prince of Persia games & Assassin's Creed and others.

I love to play any game of Blizzard, i will like to work there, as well i play Ragnarok and League of Legends...

im love too the game of D&D any role playing game, and create my own characters and adventure.

as well i'm a SciFi/fantasy publish novelist, already 4 books publish in Spanish.
as well i working here in Hollywood as a screenwriter n_n!

i go to almost all the screening and premiere of hollywood for free XD...

favorite movies and tv series are:

unusual suspects
& all most all SciFi/Fantasy movies lol...

Game of thornes
Stargate Sg1/atlantis/universe
& all most all SciFi/Fantasy series too xD...

never had a girlfriend who really shared similar interests, and not judge me...u_u!

so im hoping to find some cute geeky/otaku girls here!
so ask for my phone >_<

my twitter