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26 year old Female
Last online about 5 years ago
Valdosta, GA
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~I hate posting back n forth on people's profiles so pls just message me if u wanna have a conversation!
Lildiscordia @lildiscordia I'd do that but I don't know how to use the chat on here /^: . Can ya message me first?
these thingies are fun, I want to do it too okay :'0 Age: Fresh grad maybe, I'd like them to be my age or just a little older! Height: Amazonian or towering giant , I don't care much about height as long as I'm the small one >:D Body: Chubby or athletic Bobbles: Does not matter :0 but maybe big bobbles Butt: Does not matter Face: Gloomy or sexy Hair: Sex hair looks cool :o Sex drive: Regular or um predator maybe ;w; Romantic attitude: Full-time dom >:3 Extra: Smoker Personality: Possessive,smug,drinker,cool,aggressive, kind