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Last online almost 8 years ago
Hi. I'm Beth. I'm 21. I cosplay Crona (Soul Eat), Grell (normal and R-shite)(Kuroshitsuji), Lizzy doormouse(Kuroshitsuji), Nico Robin(One Piece), Tashigi(One Piece), Hungary(Hetalia), Ritsu Sohma(Fruits Basket), Yumichika(Bleach), Dororo(Sgt. Frog), Ryuji "Ranka" Fujioka(Ouran), Prince Gumball (Adventure Time), 2p! England (Hetalia), orphan Anya (Anastasia), and Thumbelina (Thumbelina). Dream cosplays are Hellscythe from is this a Zombie? and Yoko from Gurren Lagann. I live in Ohio, and don't meet lots of people with simalure intrest in my town. I moved recently to Springfield, so I know even less people around me now. I'm a bit shy, but I'm a sweet heart once I open up. I'm looking for freinds and hopefully the other half of my heart. I'm bi, but I DO NOT swing. My favorite shows are One Piece, Gurren Lagann, Is this a Zombie, and Kuroshitsuji, but I watch alot of other things, all genres. I'm not a twig. I'm abit on the heavier side, but I think I have a good body raito. Recently, I started going to the gym to work on the heavy parts. I draw alot, do doll modifcations, and dream of being a toy designer someday. I have some trouble talking face to face with new people. Long distance realtion ships are fine.
In a realationship I just want someone nice and true and won't mind my shyness if they meet me for real.Hopefully I can find it. Please wish me luck.
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Oct 4
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