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25 year old Female
Last online over 6 years ago
my name is Lanisha Derrickson i love to watch anime and read manga i have a cellphone 217-274-4973 only guys who are closer to me and have the same interests as me can text me, i'm an otaku for life i'm also a pervert, i have a facebook page name lanisha derrickson on there I'M A VIRGIN, i'm currently in DACC just watching anime and reading manga and i don't start classes until Feburary, i don't smoke or drink or do any drugs, and i hate guys that smoke and do drugs so don't ask us to meet up if you do stuff like that, i'm also very serious about anime and manga, i'm also looking for a job in Danville IL if you know any jobs that are open please message me :) i'm also very fond of cats and i'm also a tomboy which means i only hang out with guys and only wear guys clothing i have no interest in girls