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Last online over 2 years ago
Hi, I'm Kiosu Batsu a.k.a Lawren.

Not on here to date, 97% women, I have attempted to date, have either mistreated me in advance, pretend it is mating dance,(thinking back on it now, it was mainly people from Las Vegas are entirely horrible when it comes to having manners... lol) play mind games, turn around tell me they are not playing mind games, fish while pretending to not fish to get information about me and typically don't like that I am not a kiss ass or am I interested in sex with another person so badly that will be willing to do anything just at all to impress a bunch of fucking people who can not allow another human being to be themselves and unconditionally love them for accepting them or that ability to love them in entirety without fail without making it about something or adding drama to said equation...

This account exist to meet people to play games with and invite people to my YouTube channel that has a free giveaway for subscribers who are subbed for a month.

At no point will I be asking you for any personal info, trying to meet you, ask to sext, ask for nudes and I even before that didn't care, I still don't care.

As much as I will only have a person who can love me wholesomely in my life, and that shit doesn't exist at 97% as in that 17 years of attempting to date, only about 3% of you mutherfuckers treat each other right...

Fact I am willing to giveaway my money on my YouTube channel at all is actually conflicting while same time it is a huge apart of my nature beucause I naturally care and give a shit about other people in advance by default, I do not make them jump hoops, I do not make them do acts and favors for to allow myself to trust them.

Both trust and friendship is earned by me.

Me caring and loving anyone unconditionally has always been free, and I do not plan to change, fact I meet so many women only interested in hurting me because someone else hurt them prior is also extremely concerning..

Because for that 17 years, I been after hugs more than sex, you heard that right.

It is not only on purpose, but I can not just BE with just anyone, especially physically unfortunately, I'm a huge dude and have to be responsible in advancement especially if I plan to have children at all with anyone as my shoulder wigth is 22inchs, at birth I was about 10lbs but my shoulders were entirely to big, anyone I am with would need to know that if at any point they wanted kids at all with me.

Because chance of them dying from them having kids increases based on apparently womens obsession with taller men, because as men, most men do not give a shit about your height...

Most are treated like shit and use sex as a outlet, I'm 37 year old virgin autistic who is made fun for that and so many other things, which I do not give two shits what any of you think, as most times it is asinine and mean as fuck for no reason to each other at 78%-92%... lol

Then you do not want to be called out on being defensive, passive aggressive, negative biased, looking to upset yourselves then turn me into your negative to make it okay to fucking hurt a stranger...

I stopped, because it seem like women, especially on online seem to be attempting to create murders and serial killers, by intentionally attacking psychological traits and fortunately for me, I have autism... =P

Pro to that con is that I am not entirely effected by specific manipulation by others, peer pressure means absolute shit to me and can think logically to see not only what someone is doing but in real time stop myself from feeling negative to think or try to share specific view points to even allow a conversation to take place without myself trying to butt heads with a stranger over how I feel or think while allow and accept them being individual which most people are not willing to do at all from having entirely insane control issues.

My personality is tsunade, I cry at sad stuff, I do not play minds games, I do not have a interested impressing anyone, I do not hang out with the guys, I do not fall apart if a woman is not fawning over me and nor do I give a shit about all the shit people complicate their existence with as much as I enjoy chilling. lol

I also can do automatic statistics in real time, in fermi techs since age four, before I even actually could count from dyslexia as most teachers didn't give a shit, as much as pretend I was potentially a drug dealer baby from a black prostitute which apparently none, at 99.99999% took the time to see that my mother was a dental assistant and was always one from day I was born.

and I was and have never been on drugs or did drugs at any point, as much as people are arrogant assholes who pretend to know shit about people with mental issues and disabilities instead of stopping themselves from being assholes to stop themselves from misunderstanding most shit about most people in fact is your own fault.

People openly accept wrong information at 95%, that means everything we have accomplished so far has been only 5% and human race has done alot, but nothing compared to what it could do potentially positive.

Because most you mutherfuckers have no patience to even create anything, which is why I made a YouTube channel with long ass videos on purpose, because patience is necessary for everything in life, so I added a incentive so that while people teach themselves how to be more patient and allow other people to be themselves, they might get free shit for not only being kind but allowing themselves to grow out of normal constructs that accept mistreating people with any differences.

If you can be my friend for 3 days, talk back like a normal human being, like hugs and can manage to not be a entire asshole and not blame it on your gender, who thinks I am suppose to be your man servant than you will have me for life.