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Last online 11 months ago
Nerdiest nerd you'll ever meet. I like it all! Videogames, Anime, Art, Manga, Books, Dungeons and dragons as both a player, and dungeon master, Board games, binge watching shows, movies, Card games, etc.

Tad hard to find people all the way out here who like nerdy stuff, so please feel free to message me! I'm a tad introverted and more of a "speak when spoken to" type of person until you get to know me.

Shit taste in music. All I listen to is Vocaloids, and videogame OST. Along with a few select K-pop, and english songs. But it's mostly vocaloids.

For MMOs I play Ffxiv (crystal, Balmong), Wow tbc (Pagle alliance side), Runescape, and have old accounts in many more, would love to play with more people!

I am also looking to Date aswell. Not many people here are nerds so I'm hoping this will help me meet people a bit. Especially with covid. Kinda a hopeless romantic, and am a fan of love storys in media, as long as thier well written.