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32 year old Male
Last online about 3 hours ago
Dubuque, IA
INFP Virgo if anyone cares.

I try to balance out my personality with a stoic philosophy, although it is a bit more complicated than that.

I am looking for friends and a possible love interests if one presents itself. I can sometimes come off as flirty if I am comfortable with you or I actually like you. I am super dense though and some people get discouraged when I don't pick up on their flirting. If you're making a genuine attempt to flirt and I am not be picking up on it, be as blunt as a sludge hammer. That could possibly solve your issue. After I first successfully recognize your genuinely flirting it'll be a lot easier in the future.

Like most people on here I enjoy anime and gaming. Currently I work from home and I'm a little bit bigger in size But that isn't a bad thing. I can keep you warm in the winter time and give you plenty of shade in the summer.

I am 6'1 with brown hair and a face that looks like wet concrete.

My personality is always the same but depending on the energy I'm picking up from you I may choose to show different sides of me. If you're chill I'll probably be chill. If you're high energy I'll probably be high energy.
Oct 22
Jul 13-15
Aug 2-4
Jul 31-Aug 2