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32 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online 2 days ago
Ocala, FL
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ravenjones left a comment for Izuke_Tachimaru
Oct 10, 19 at 2:36am

Stop adding me please I know you before and you made me feel uncomfortable please just stop...

Oct 04, 19 at 7:05am

well im back on here it seems this is the best site i used so for to at least find people who are other otakus too

Oct 28, 18 at 2:17am

hey all i havent been on here in a looong time so i hope jumping back on here would be different

Jan 21, 18 at 10:07am

I'm not 100% this site is legit cause I have found any friends on this site yet ...

Oct 27, 17 at 8:33am

whats up world , man i havent been on here in a while lol

Jul 13, 17 at 11:07pm

hey whats up guy havent been on here for a while now cause of irl stuff but yeah now i have a reason to and it for looking for friend to meet when i move to cali soon

Apr 08, 17 at 10:14pm

hey guys just wanted to check n and see hwo thing on this site was going

Oct 19, 16 at 11:07am

to day f gogn ot be a long day lol

etherealock left a comment for Izuke_Tachimaru
Oct 18, 16 at 11:48pm

Hi thanx oks cools
just wondering where did you get your name from? its cool and seems familiar lol.

Oct 16, 16 at 4:10pm

h everyone m going to be back on here for a while because it seem like the only site for otakus to talk so if anyone want to talk hit me up