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丸喜 拓人

27 year old Male
Last online about 6 hours ago
Newport News, VA
Transcendent weeb (日本語ならOK!). Yes you have read correctly...I have been studying the Japanese language and the noble art of bushido since I was a wee little weeb. Beware of watashi no nihongo you kisama-tachi! You can't possibly understand my sugosa and chinou!

All jokes aside:

I'm an INTJ-A for those who are into MBTI. Mecha, fightan games and music are my jam...That being said, I basically dabble in all types of anime and video game genres. 'If it's interesting, it has my attention!™' Has basically been my philosophy in life and definitely has applied well to the media I consume. I'm a life-long learner and I enjoy absorbing all types of information, diversifying interests is one of the best ways to do that I believe.

I'm generally a easy-going person though I may seem pretty aloof at times. I just enjoy living at my own pace and as a result I tend to keep to myself and also keep a very small pool of friends. I apologize if I reply to messages slowly or just don't keep in touch with people here. It's basically just me doing my own thing 90% of the time and it has nothing to do with me disliking you or something. Trust me if I just plain don't like you, I'll tell you what annoys me about you instead of beating around the bush or just ghosting. :u

Also, I like animals quite a bit, especially doggos. Send me doggo pictures.

I'm also an FFXIV player (Aether Data Center, Sargatanas), if anyone else plays

Discord is Otakaiser#8215 if you want to hit me up there, much more active and will answer faster.

Also, my kitsu.io profile: https://kitsu.io/users/Otakaiser
Nov 6-8
Panelist. Aug 11-13
Feb 15-17
Jul 26-28