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丸喜 拓人

27 year old Male
Last online about 2 hours ago
Newport News, VA
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Jan 15, 20 at 12:47pm

Good on ya! Wish ya the best


I wasn’t sure why you felt so insecure before but I finally saw your reply!!!

Like I said you should read the first page of the thread! At least then you would have a basic idea of “why” it was against the rules of the thread.

I don’t blame you for being emotional either, you are the type to jump to conclusions, I heard you were one of the few who fell for the bandwagon without learning anything about the situation before! No hard feelings!

I don’t hold any grudge to you and I appreciate your honesty. You’re a goofball and I appreciate you’re post! Just try to pay more attention. You’re actions weren’t gross, they were “cute” imo. I’m sorry if I made ya feel insecure, I explained why I’m vague in post 3-4 different times. I’m sorry if while you were my friend back then you somehow missed all of those but caught everything else >w>


Read the first page of all threads plz n ty
rules and guidelines if not updates are usually there


I’m not, but I’m not surprised ya think i am.

For what it’s worth I’m more then use to this tho. Don’t feel too bad

幸せ left a comment for 丸喜 拓人
Dec 30, 19 at 5:28pm

Thanks bud u3u

Swadian left a comment for 丸喜 拓人
Dec 13, 19 at 12:37am

Sorry for taking so long to reply, I've been super busy with a lot of real life matters.

I also began living by myself recently and it's been a bit chaotic, getting everything on place!

Hopefully you've been doing good yourself!

purah left a comment for 丸喜 拓人
Dec 10, 19 at 3:00am

Thank you so much for the greetings!

♡ Milku ♡ left a comment for 丸喜 拓人
Nov 20, 19 at 11:45am

♡ Thank you! ~

KittyFrog left a comment for 丸喜 拓人
Nov 08, 19 at 4:11pm

wubbywaifu left a comment for 丸喜 拓人
Oct 31, 19 at 2:51am

Thanks for the warm welcome ^w^

iris_belmont left a comment for 丸喜 拓人
Oct 31, 19 at 1:16am

lol that happened like 4 hours ago and i'm still depressed about it. Tacos are the best food

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