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about 17 hours ago

Streaming some more For Honor for a bit

death_valley left a comment for 無名
about 19 hours ago

FF XIV is soo pretty, but looks like SUCH a time sink...something I won't make time to play for a while XD Yeah, I play a priest pretty casually in the game. It's just a nice fun game, which I like.

I never played Ragnarok Online, but I know it is one of the "oldie but goodie" kind of types. What kind of game was it, exactly?

death_valley left a comment for 無名
about 20 hours ago

With life and work being busy, I don't have the time for MMOs anymore! haha, I had my share of time in black desert, maple story 1, Dragon's nest...ugh, I've tried pretty much anything. But, nowadays, I try to stick to things that don't suck so much time. ^_^ What do you play in maplestory 2 and what other MMORPGs do you play?

Oct 19, 18 at 5:22pm

I put together two more kits. :0

[DERP] Charles TALLGEESE!!!!! ♡♡♡
Izuku_Midoriya Is that the RG Tallgeese?
無名 Yeah, it is.
無名 I still need to add the decals and stuff. I honestly probably won't because it does still look super clean without them.
Izuku_Midoriya Yeah. Some kits look better without decals while others need them to not look super simple
Oct 16, 18 at 2:24pm

I'll be streaming For Honor for a bit since the latest expansion just dropped

Haruu left a comment for 無名
Oct 07, 18 at 9:12pm

It's pretty long so prepare for that LOL

Haruu left a comment for 無名
Oct 07, 18 at 8:24pm

If you watch any anytime soon, watch one that's called "Three Idiots". It's so good! And yes, lol, there is so much music ahahah

TheSailingTeacup left a comment for 無名
Oct 07, 18 at 7:16pm

Yeah, I think I'm struggling to define my limitations since things were more forcibly opened for me in some aspects. But I like being able to see both sides of things. I just need to pick a side a lil better, I think. But being the mediator is fun :) Empathy is a huge part of understanding, but too much empathy is bad too. Adaptation to society is a lifelong process. I can't imagine being stuck in one way and never growing or changing; that would be sad.

I reply sporadically. If I'm not in the mood for a serious discussion I wait a bit and by serious I mean probably just a regular convo instead of a light hearted joke or lil saying. And my phone is THE WORRRSSTTTT I still have an i phone 5s haha and that's not gonna change for like the rest of my life probs x.x

Haruu left a comment for 無名
Oct 07, 18 at 6:36pm

Oh nice! I can't say much about jpop. I know a few friends who listen to it from time to time but that's about my exposure. Have you watched any bollywood movies?

That's definitely nice. I don't have a chance to not be alert at work. It really does makes time pass by quick.

waterlily_ann left a comment for 無名
Oct 07, 18 at 1:12pm


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