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May 27, 22 at 9:25pm
Fun fact, they were protecting the city https://youtu.be/fIkitpXurVE
I....am kinda shocked by that to be honest, that's a pretty easy to recognize character lmao
Lol thank you! No one knew who I was at Dragon Con all those years ago! I was so mad!
Red @redhawk left a comment for 正義の味方
Mar 03, 21 at 6:29pm
Not gonna lie I feel like I live in a whole different world than everyone saying "lol don't pre order games, everything is trash. in fact. stop playing video games, it's dead" I haven't ever felt like I took a risk in buying or preordering games ever. Every game I've preordered in the past decade I've enjoyed. The doom and gloom surrounding video games honestly gets extremely exhausting. I don't know how people do it when they literally can pick up so many dope experiences, like shit. try a new genre, play some indie games (more people should play Sifu tbh, that game is super underrated and came out last year), learn a fighting game. The industry isn't only the overhyped AAA games that flopped or had tons of issues on launch...and even then there has been still plenty of AAA games that were genuinely good in the past 5 years like God of War 2018/Ragnarok, Ghost of Tsushima, Red Dead Redemption 2, Spiderman, Sekiro, Elden ring, demon souls, Jedi Fallen order, Resident evil 2 remake, Resident evil village, and some others I'm probably forgetting but the flops stay in the public's consciousness longer because it's like a confirmation bias that gaming is doomed and ruined or something I guess? Not saying that there aren't some serious issues with trends that are being taken by multiple companies with super predatory microtransactions and general fuckery. But to say that people that preorder games are mentally handicapped is such an overexaggeration
I have a few: People that feel entitled to exceptional treatment and get bent out of shape at the most minor inconvenience. Having worked in all types of customer facing jobs, I have acutely been made aware that it's not just a loud minority. but a majority of people. And despite what the older generation says about young people being entitled, lazy snowflakes and all of that stuff. I've noticed that it's mainly boomers that are the biggest snowflakes that expect exceptional treatment, scream at people until they get their way, demand compensation for their own mistakes, etc. The most chill and respectful people I've ever worked with were all probably between their early 20's and mid 30's lol. People that have zero initiative to understand broader concepts in a discussion, or about the world in general. I've gotten to the point where I just don't bother engaging with anyone in discussions about heavier subjects if I know they aren't going to be receptive of any ideas that aren't part of their echo chamber. Too many people get caught up into this "us vs them" mentality and close their mind off from things just because one thing in particular triggers them or whatever. I can't think of a more depressing thought (in my opinion at least) than living life as part of a bandwagon. Forever following cues on when and where to be upset at something. And you're probably thinking "haha yeah, that's how those woke left-wing people are, forever being triggered snowflakes" and nah. I'm not referring to just those type of people. Right-wing people are just as easily triggered and behave just like snowflakes since they feel the need to be the authority on this whole "anti-woke, anti-sjw" counter culture and I've seen some comments and mental gymnastics made by right wing peeps that will make you think you just entered bizzaro-tumblr with how hard they reach to label something as being "woke" and part of some conspiracy by SJWs to undermine shit
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