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I....am kinda shocked by that to be honest, that's a pretty easy to recognize character lmao


Lol thank you! No one knew who I was at Dragon Con all those years ago! I was so mad!


That's awesome! I don't have any social media for my artwork at the moment. But I do plan on setting up an Instagram! Perhaps even a Twitter too, aha. Though I'd be more than happy to share some of my drawings through messages, if you'd like?


Oh nice! Hosting a panel would be a lot of fun. But I'm far too shy and anxious for that, aha. I would like to set up a booth in the artist alley someday though.


Thank you! ~ <3


Welp, another year older...

Rynnie @rinrinjpeg left a comment for 正義の味方
Nov 17, 20 at 2:20pm

Thank you so much <3 but honestly, Skyrim mods are so fun! I can't wait to pour thousands of hours into Skyrim again when I finally get my pc.

Rokas @sparkis left a comment for 正義の味方
Aug 04, 20 at 12:23pm

Ah youre welcome! ^^


Good guys: we gotta protect the city from the enemies!!

Also good guys: let's fuck up this city beyond recognition lmaooo


i feel you i've been playing for 7 years have 39,000 hours on it. it's not the same since heavenwards you know i miss those days. so right now i want to take a break i really love the game i guess i'm getting bored, but hopefully i will come back to it

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