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26 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online 3 minutes ago
Newport News, VA
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Lillydere left a comment for 無名
Yesterday at 2:30pm

Thanks a lot! :D

sirenofsweets left a comment for 無名
Yesterday at 12:42am

Why thank you. I plan on finishing all of it haha.

Feb 17, 19 at 10:31pm

put a new kit together. :0

milktee left a comment for 無名
Feb 01, 19 at 5:26am

I haven’t been able to play since the other night. I will have time to play tomorrow afternoon and all Sunday. I really like the game. I played a little resident evil last night I still haven’t beaten Leon’s chapter yet I have so much to do with patients and work! T_T but have you beaten kingdom hearts 3 yet?

ahoge left a comment for 無名
Jan 31, 19 at 2:56pm

Hey you, long time no chat! We still need to get around to playing some Final Fantasy XIV together!

Muggleborn Baka left a comment for 無名
Muggleborn Baka
Jan 30, 19 at 9:05pm


milktee left a comment for 無名
Jan 30, 19 at 8:08pm

How are you liking KH3? I’m loving it!

milktee left a comment for 無名
Jan 28, 19 at 6:28am

Hey! Yeah I’m new to the site. I’m looking forward to kingdom hearts 3, dead or alive 6, devil may cry, and the atelier series coming out soon. :)

Neverland left a comment for 無名
Jan 26, 19 at 9:10pm

It happens holmes. I can relate and I think can quite a few members on the site. I kind of regretted it the first time though, b/c I left some people hanging w/out any way to contact me and they were wondering if I hated them or something, which wasn't true. So I guess If I go on hiatus again, I probably will just leave a note on my info page instead of deactivating.

Yea, I don't really see the point of lurking on the site that much either. Most people seem to just be depressed, awkwardly trying to fit in, being desperate, or being all giddy and hyper. Maybe we come back b/c it's one of the few places where we can gather and see others who are a bit like ourselves. Plus there's always that slim hope of finding a cool friend or SO.

Neverland left a comment for 無名
Jan 25, 19 at 9:30pm

Hey holmes, I see you are active now. I think some people have been missing you or something. Glad you're around to alleviate the concerns of others. Hope you're alright as well m8.

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