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25 year old Male
Likes: Females
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Newport News, VA
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chise left a comment for Otakaiser
Mar 18, 18 at 2:21am

Thank you! That’s grand, I lean towards Irish and Scottish mythology. Anything regarding Celtic history really, and yourself? Anything in particular? ^^

Lamby left a comment for Otakaiser
Mar 07, 18 at 5:45pm

Tagetes left a comment for Otakaiser
Mar 03, 18 at 11:01pm

o c o Aaaa! Thank you, thank you! Let's not be strangers the next time around! Until then, I'll do my best to post some more doodles! Take care!

[Thicc]Ed~ left a comment for Otakaiser
Feb 25, 18 at 12:39pm

I saw ap erson who likes Legend of the galactic heroes and I must immediately befriend!

Otakaiser It's definitely a good series, I basically recommend it to everyone who is somewhat interested in political intrigue/space opera type stories. :u
[Thicc]Ed~ and that ending, GOD!!!! that ending, it made it all seem fullfilled and complete ;-;
Otakaiser I definitely was crying a little at the end. xD
ENKI[TaoistDeva] left a comment for Otakaiser
Feb 25, 18 at 6:24am

Did you speculate some reasons for the phenomenon where a few cases of white supremacists are people who race mixed or are the result of 'race mixing'?
In my personal opinion, it has something to do with some people's inferiority complex and ulterior motives(-‸ლ)...In the case of HAPAs, HAPA guys have been influence by their mothers' frustration on their physical appearance, especially their not having blue/green eyes since they were little...In the minds of many women here, all 混血儿/race-mixed kids should look like angels...Those models mislead them~

ENKI[TaoistDeva] left a comment for Otakaiser
Feb 20, 18 at 8:26pm

In the eyes of many people,white foreigners=gold bars...We have tons of sexpats in Asia...Lately, I'm interested in HAPA, so I lurk on Reddit to read their activities...(^_-)....

ENKI[TaoistDeva] left a comment for Otakaiser
Feb 20, 18 at 8:18pm

Generally speaking, people here are quite "curious" about the United States and non-Asian foreigners (ꆤ⍸ꆤ). Non-Asian foreigners enjoy super national treatments<they are loved by ordinary people>. People will lower their standards unconsciously when interacting with non-Asian foreigners..Ah, I know the fundamental causes of our inferiority complex...(.﹒︣︿﹒︣.)....Another fact: among non-Asian foreigners, white foreigners are best liked. Oh, though ur country was called 美帝 by the government in the past, few people hate the United States nowadays..

MidastheAlchemist Most countries don't hate each other nowadays, its the governments that hate each other and tell us who is bad and who is nice.
Feb 20, 18 at 7:32pm

Welp, I went and updated my info.

[DERP] Charles_The_Red left a comment for Otakaiser
Feb 14, 18 at 1:45pm

Haha thanks man and also

Dat Boi [FALLEN] left a comment for Otakaiser
Jan 29, 18 at 11:17pm

you : drinks from a glass
me, an intellectual : pours apple juice on chin and lap

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