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cavite, Philippines
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I've known you for a long time brother wait brother your prince Charming will also come
scottyhot @scottyhot left a comment for glenviexci
Apr 17, 21 at 5:58am
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i love senpai! <3
Real commitment should start during the BF/GF stage. The partner must decide to nurture and grow the relationship. Falling in love is different from staying in love. Loving a person is a decision. Many have been inlab todo-todo and todo-the-max in the beginning but the coldness of looking at each other drops below zero degrees over time. In a famous book by wilard harley, Jr an American marriage counselor, he introduced the concept of love bank. According to him, we can compare our relationship by saving "love units". Everyone we meet has an account of our lives. The deposit has a "minimum amount" or "threshold", when the romantic feeling comes out. The feeling will remain as long as that person maintains the love threshold. This is also the trend in people where you deposit your love untis. You get closer to the people who deposit love with you and so do you and them. on the other hand, if you get emotional pain from someone, the love bank can become a "hate bank". A person loses or withdraws his "love units" from your heart. If he becomes a habitual withdrawer, his account will eventually go bankrupt. his account. The irog will automatically go away, this may result in you throwing in the towel or giving up on the relationship. Avoid withdrawing from the love bank and grow your deposit by continuing to show love. It is not your job to change the behavior of your partner. It is his/her business. Your job is to teach yourself how to understand him and how to deal with him.
yup, first Dragonball Z and 2nd ghost fighter this is for all that are born and children's in America in the 90's, My old sailor moon for girls and hello kitty right...