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Racine, WI
Well hello there, guess youre here to learn about me :)

Well. My name is Michael, im 21, male bisexual, 5'11" and clock in at around 240lbs.
My hobbies are: Fish keeping, watching anime obviously, playing video games, live streaming, anything car or motorcycle related, but when i move i should be adding: fishing, hunting (for food not for sport, venison and wild boar is good eatin) free diving to help out cleaning up my local rivers, going to conventions and hanging out with my itasha buddies.

My favorite music is varied and broad though i usually enjoy some underground electronic dance at the moment, expect that to change.

For what brought me to this site exactly... i wanna find that special someone who i can wake up to and smile, tell them good morning. just go around the city hanging out and at the end of the day just cuddle n enjoy eachother. i just wanna find that person i can settle down with.

I should mention im not in Houston right now but i should be relocating there in about a year n a half or so where ill have 2 jobs