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Racine, WI
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Jul 25, 19 at 2:39pm

Man i cant wait to move out. Lemme explain this and also kinda explain my current living situation!. Alright so i live with my mom and grandma, my mom wants to go out next weekend so in response my grandmother is forcing us to clean the entire house so my mom can earn the privilege to leave. mind you my mother is 41, so im pretty burnt out but i digress. Lets talk about what my grandmother has done to me and ill explain why i havent left yet. Basically she has: pinned me to a kitchen counter trying to fight me, chased me down and beat me, said anyone who dates me is a slut, told me i dont deserve love, told me on worthless and pathetic, and has called me a disgusting pig... i was being weird at that moment poking my boob with a pen also yes im a dude with boobs. The reason i havent moved out is cause i just never had the means to get a job n save up or have friends i could move away and live with for the time being. Mind you i have only said what she has done to me and not what she has done to my mother which is honestly a lot to list. I'm not asking for helps as my mother and i have worked out a plan to move out in about 6-8 months after we begin working.... then we will be relocating to houston. other things i should mention, she says its a priledge that i get to talk to people on my mic so if im not keen on talking, y'all know whats up

Panda-kun ™ You know i was about to say i relate to this but then you said the slut thing and lost me from there. Living with family is hard as tou get older ngl i really couldnt wait to move out myself. Just hang in there bro
Jul 19, 19 at 9:03pm

ok so biggest fucking pet peeve. getting ghosted, getting tired of that shit, if you dont want a serious relationship say so! dont fucking vanish, got me feeling real pissed off. then some of yall have the nerve to swing back a month later n expect me to be peachy like really? no im not gonna be happy in fact im gonna be mad and sad

ⓟⓞⓒⓚⓨ ❀ left a comment for Fiskerton
Jul 09, 19 at 10:31pm

hello c:
you can add me on Discord if you wanna talk

Jul 09, 19 at 5:21am


Jul 06, 19 at 2:37pm

oooooow you ever sneeze so hard your whole being ends up in pain

Jul 01, 19 at 10:31am

new favorite song

Jun 21, 19 at 10:47pm

Well today was wild, walking home from my local restaurant and my dad gets pulled over by one of our Sheriffs and then later on not even a hour later a lady busts an illegal u-turn causing a drunk moped rider to slam into her driver side door and this dude tried to flee the scene.... this week has been fucking wild but only in SE wisconsin i tell ya

Jun 21, 19 at 10:13pm

Jun 21, 19 at 8:18pm

Low key sifting through my matches on here... dunno what im doing anymore

Jun 21, 19 at 2:52pm

the site was cosdating, and that place was pricey...